Friday, September 03, 2004

Does this mean I'm in?

I take it that Amazon Readers refers to the Amazon Van Houten Women with an pun intended? How do I get added to the team? I'm reading "Animal Dreams" by Kingsolver right now and you all know how Ben Franklin was. You don't want a list of all the Nora Roberts that I read or other dumb romances, do you? I did just re-read "Dance to the Piper" by Nora Roberts. It is the first book I had read by her and it held up well for a re-read. And I finished the latest Harry Potter, but strangely the book still draws me when I see it as though it wants me to read it again. I want to re-read the fourth book, now that I've seen Movie #3, but I have so much to do. "Animal Dreams" first.


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ez said...

You are very close to in, but not quite. I am not sure when happened to your emailed invitation. It should say from "Blogger Invites." In order for you to post as KathrynVH you need to go to the URL in that invitation and log in as KathrynVH. I show two invitations pending for you and one for daddy.

Adrienne, I think these may be being eaten by a spam blocker on Kat's email. Try sending anther invitation to yourself and then have Kathy log in when you get to the URL.