Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bad Choices

While looking for the right size paperback book to carry on my travels I picked up 5 at the 5 for $1.00 store. I read the first two and am trying to read the last three. Till Morning Comes by Han Suyin (author of A Many Splendored Thing) is very tedious and takes place in late 1930s China. After 62 pages I decided to try the next one The Vertical Smile by Richard Condon (author of the Manchurian Candidate). Oh, my God. I challenge any of you to read more that the 43 pages I was able to do. If I could decipher who the people are and what they're doing I still don't think I could muster the energy to give a crap. That's 40 cents shot that I could have invested in better band aids.