Wednesday, June 03, 2009


A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending a book signing for a fellow blogger Jen Lancasater. It was a last minute decision to attend and honestly I was mainly in it for the hanging out with Twitter friends part. I met up with Megan, Tina, Chris and Byron for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory ahead of time and then off to Barnes and Noble to lay in wait for HRH Jen.

When Megan first talked about this signing, I went online to my local library and put all of her books on hold. I started reading Bitter is the New Black a day before the signing and I was hooked.

We got there in time to get the last actual seats in the reading/signing area and all those after us had to sit on the floor in a line along the wall. I would have left at that point. Jen had asked her readers to arrive in 80's wear. I didn't do 80's in the 80's and I didn't do it now, but Megan and Tina went in full force!

Jen came in to an adoring crowd and did a reading of a chapter of the new book. I have never done this before, never attended a reading that is. I really enjoyed it, it is fun to hear the words coming directly from the author instead of just hearing them in my head.

This is pure Chick Lit, if you enjoy Chick Lit, then I highly recommend all of her books. I have completed the first two (Bitter, and Bright Lights Big Ass), and am picking up the next one, Such a Pretty Fat later today. Her last is Pretty in Plaid and it is sort of a prequel to the others.

Jen is quick witted, dry humored and everything I enjoy in a mindless read.

For my sisters.... you will enjoy these, go to the library and get them now, except the last one, you can read my special copy when you get here.

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