Wednesday, July 06, 2005

No luck!!

I have had no luck with the books on CD recently. After the Robert Parker that I finished a few weeks ago, each one I have picked up has been a dud. I had been hearing about Don DeLillo and I picked something up by him and it was terrible. Maybe it just didn't work on tape. I never had any idea of who was talking or where they were. I wish I could get a list of books that my library has on CD so that I could look up reviews, etc. before I go. I usually just stand in front of the selection, pick something up at random, and if it sounds OK on the jacket I get it. This is not a good method of book choosing.


paulette said...

This is Gretchen, my library is on line and I can look up a title and it shows me if it is available (hardcover, paperback, large print, tape, CD) and whether or not it is checked out. Surely a big city has the same thing.

ez said...

Yes, I can look up individual titles but since the CD collection is much smaller and usually older the ones I look up are rarely there. It is very frustrating. Also, the computer portion is a multiple library system and it may show that the book I want is availabe at the South Bend library but not the Mishawaka library. It costs $69 for me to be able to check out books at the SB library so I don't.

Why would it be so hard to put together a list of books that are available on CD in my library. If I had full access to the damn database I could do it in a few minutes.