Monday, January 09, 2006

The Week

Thanks to Daddy, now I have a way of getting all the news of the land in one compact, do-able, news magazine per week. I have finally caught up (I had six stacked up for a while there) while Lyle's mom was visiting and I am looking forward to reading the new one tonight. I still rely on Newsweek if there is an in depth article I want (have time to) read, but The Week is just perfect for giving an overview of what is going on in the world.

Thank you Daddy.


KathrynVH said...

I also get the Week and I like it a lot, but I find that if I've had a lot of driving to do that "week", I've already heard all about this stuff on NPR. I also really like the TV guide, but I've found that I no longer have time to read it now that I am trying to keep up with the Wall Street Journal for my free three months. And there is a sudoku puzzle in the LA Times--I might have to start getting that one. So many things to read, so little time.

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