Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Than it Hurts You - Darrin Strauss


I realized this would be a Manchausen by Proxy story from very near the beginning. And, while I wasn't crazy about that premise, I know it is something out there and some light needs to be shed upon it.

However, about 100 pages in there is a blow by blow of the pain (yes pain) that is being inflicted on this poor 4 month old baby. It details the whimpers of the child, the painstaking moves by the mother to make it easier for her but more painful for the baby. That was it, I had to put it down and try hrd to put it out of my mind.

Normally after I read a book, I post it on Paperback swap for a trade, this book however, I put directly into the recycling bin. I do not want anyone to read it, I do not want it to prosper or profit. It is HORRID!


darinstrauss said...

As the author of this book, I take issue with what the blogger above describes. First of all, there is no description of the pain the mother puts the baby through. None. I wanted to make sure I spared readers that scene. Second, the book is -- of course -- not an endorsement of this syndrome, but an attempt, tastefully, to expose this problem to the light. Third, the baby is not four moths old. Fourth, how can one dismiss a book (falsely, it turns out) without having red it all? Fifth, should we not be able to write about troubling things? I thought that was what was called "conflict." Dismissing a book that exposes Munchausen because you find Munchausen distasteful is like dismissing "Schindler's List" because you find the Holocaust distasteful. that is, artists should be able to examine the dark corners of the human psyche , shouldn't they?

ez said...

"Artists should be able to examine the dark corners of the human psyche , shouldn't they?" Um, sure! No one said you couldn't. But those of us that don't want to read your examinations don't have to. And those of us that do read them and don't like them can tell other people "hey, I didn't like this."

Also, how can someone "falsely" dismiss a book? You either dismiss it or you don't based on your own criteria. And, yes, you can certainly dismiss a book without having read it all (but I suspect, based on her post, that Adrienne did finish this one). I do it all the time. I decide that a book is not worth my valuable time. I dismiss it. Rightfully! And I may tell others. I dismissed this book, and this is why.

I realize that, as the author, this may distress you. Too bad.

Perksofbeingme said...

also as the author I would have thought you would know how to correctly spell "read". And I'm sorry that you took issue with her description, but she has the same freedom of speech that you are using for your book.