Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Closing Out the Year

Well I read 137 books in 2004. Just shows what you can do without a pesky job to get in the way. Based on the number of books by each author Robert Parker (Spenser novels) is way ahead with 35 books. But since I had never read anything by him before I had a lot to catch up on and they are easy reads. Another author I found this year and read 7 of his books (the only 7 my library has) is Richard North Patterson. He writes legal stuff but not in the same sense that Grisham writes legal thrillers, Patterson's books deal more with the politics of laws. My favorite and one I would highly recommend is Protect and Defend. I managed to get in four Danielle Steele, and three Jennifer Crusie.

I have read three so far this year and am currently reading Jon Stewart's America as my living room book. I don't usually have two books going but America is in the style of a text book and is way too cumbersome to read in bed. Not to mention that it is extremely funny and I quite often laugh out loud and would disturb Gordon's sleep if I were to read it in bed.

Ah well, so many books, so much time!


ez said...

We have the America book, but I am going to have to get it on CD if I ever want to read it. Did you know that Walmart won't carry this book? Booooo Walmart!

KathrynVH said...

Grisham was on John Stewart two nights ago and he told him that being banned is the best sales tool in the world--A Time To Kill was banned and sales shot throught the roof. Grisham has a new book that came out yesterday "The Broker"--I can hardly wait.