Thursday, November 18, 2004

It's Okay - Go Ahead And Exhale

Today’s to-do list contained several errands to take care of. Planning my trip with as few left turns as possible it consisted of: library, bank, hair place, store. I am in the middle of a Jennifer Cuisie and have a Parker and an unknown left to read. This makes me nervous as I like to make sure at all times I will have something to read. So I take my stack of read books and head to the library. There are absolutely no cars parked at the library and my heart starts pounding. The library is under construction and was supposed to be closed for a few days last week. Sure enough I get to the door and there is a sign dated today that says “Library still closed due to construction in public areas” OMG. I have the interview tomorrow, hopefully it will be open on Saturday. I drop off my read books and head to complete my errands. As I am getting my hair cut I start to panic, what if the library is not open on Saturday, I’m going to be gone Monday through Wednesday next week and then it’s the holiday and they will be closed for the whole weekend. That’s almost two weeks, there’s no way even if the unknown is a good book that what I have left will last two weeks. Maybe I should just pick up a book at K-Mart. But I hate buying books, I really can’t afford to buy a book. But what if I have nothing to read. I have to have something to read. I’ll look at Mommy’s tomorrow she’ll have something. Oh yeah, she has that Good in Bed book. Yeah, but Adrienne wanted that, what if she’s reading it when I need a book. I have to have a book. I make it through the hair cut and don’t buy a book at K-mart. When I get home there’s a message on the machine, “This is Marcia from the library we have three books in for you, we’re not open to the public today but if you come by and knock on the new front window I can check them out for you through the window.” It’s okay to breathe again.


ez said...

OK, I know of at least one book I can bring you for just such emergencies. The Zynda's, having a lot to deal with themselves, have been giving Barnes and Noble gift certificates, so I have a lot of books (many of which you have already read) that I own now.

Adrienne said...

I am bringing SUshi and a half dozen other books, even a couple for Gordon. BTW Adam would like the Kurt CObain book back, remind me to bring that home.