Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Leaky leak

It's easy to say "its not my problem" but that stupid leak is starting to make me lose sleep. Those slugs at the maintenance department couldn't even send one guy for one minute to shut off the valve under the sink. I am willing to go without water in my bathroom sink for the sake of their leak and they won't even do that.

I did manage (last Friday) to find the place where the water hits the floor and I put a frying pan under there. The pan got full and overflowing by morning and then again when I went to bed. I have to use a cup to take water out of the pan until it gets to a place where I can lift it to dump it into the sink. For a couple of days I put a cookie sheet under the pan to catch the overflow but now my best cookie sheet is getting all rusty so the heck with that.

Not counting today, only 3 more days before I get to go pick up Adrienne. Gretchen, we would be honored and excited if you would come to the party saturday night. Steph called and asked if it would be allright if Dana and Jeff came because they would like to see Adrienne. Kelly hasn't answered one way or the other yet.


Adrienne said...

Did you push the wrong button?

paulette said...

Yes, I pushed the wrong button. I keep trying not to get older but nobody will cooperate.