Thursday, November 04, 2004

Robert B. Parker

While Laurie was cleaning the living room (we have decided that she would rather be called Laurie) I took my book upstairs to get out of her way. When she was done and I came back down, I had forgotten to bring my book down, so I picked up another one I had down here called Perish Twice by Robert B. Parker. I think I love him. So easy to read. Kept me interested and I could finish the book without staying up all night. I didn't know it until I looked at the list of 38 books he had written but he is the one that wrote the Spencer books. I will have to start looking for him at the 25 cent used book stores.

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Gretchen said...

I finished Perish Twice yesterday! That is the second in the Sunny Randall series. I picked up one at the library yesterday in the Jesse Stone series I haven't read any of those yet but expect it to be just as good as his others.