Thursday, June 26, 2008

Debbie Macomber

Kathy comes out of her room the other night and asks if I have read the latest in the Dakota series, well no I haven't even read the first. SHe then rushes back to her room and gets me all 3. I am thankful to her for that (and for a million other things, but that's another blog)

When I was working the American Book Expo a few weeks back, I mentioned to Erika that Debbie Macomber was going to be doing a signing, she had no idea who that was. I will tell you she is one of my favoritest authors of all. She is good for light reading, a good cry, a great followthrough and all around good reading. The tagline on her website is "Wherever you are, Debbie takes you home." It's true.

Anyhoo, this series as I mentioned is referred to as the Dakota series. Dakota Born, Dakota Home and Always Dakota. In Dakota Born we meet and begin to love the residents of Buffalo Valley, North Dakota. The premise is that it is a dying town and needs something to revitalize it. Well, uh since you know there are three books already written (and probably more to come) then you know the revitalization happens. There are a plentitude of characters some predictable some surprising. There are family lines and single storylines, but most of all there is a sense of belonging. Not just the characters belonging but you, as you are reading you start belonging to the town as well. You want Kevin to go to Art school, you want Gage and Lindsay to admit they love each other, and you want to know what is hidden in the fireplace.

I highly recommend this series and Debbie Macomber other series Blossom Street and Cedar Cove. BTW Cedar Coves latest 8 Sandpiper Way is coming out inSeptember 2008.

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