Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Light of the Moon

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I have always enjoyed Luanne Rice novels. She usually does such good “beach reads”. This one while very good I would not classify as a beach read. Although it is a bit intriguing it misses the mark of mysterious.

A young woman loses her mother but makes good on her promise to “find Sarah and thank her”. Sarah is a Romany saint in France said to have travelled there with the 3 Marias. Of course while there she falls in love, but it can’t be that cut and dried, there has to be a problem of course. His ex-wife, his troubled daughter, her ex-boyfriend/partner. There is some French in the book that is not translated and leaves the reader to figure it out. Some I could some I didn’t care/need to.

I am not big on description. Honestly I don’t care what color her dress is or how it plays nicely off the colors of the flowers in the garden. I skipped over a lot of this in this book. And I don’t believe I missed a thing.

This was a good quick read (3 nights). With of course a happy ending.

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