Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Secret Between Us

Anything for your children.

That is pretty much the premise of this book. A single mom who would do anything for her kids. Physical shielding for one and maybe something a tad bit illegal for the other. It is a great story of a mother’s love and relationship changes. Her relationship with her kids, her family, her ex-husband and other community members.

Barbara Delinsky has the ability to make you a part of the story in ways that make you feel what each character is feeling. This is not her first time around the rodeo.

I’m not doing this book justice, just know that it is good and you should read it. And by you, well you know who you are.


Gretchen said...

I read it a while ago. I thought the daughter's reaction and turmoil over her mother's protection was one of the most interesting facets of the book.

I find Barbars Delinsky books kind of hit or miss. I usually finish them (I have no problem stopping a book part way through, after reading the end) but I'm not always satisfied at the end. This was one of her more satisfying.

BTW I finished 20 Wishes earlier this week, waiting for your review on that one.

Adrienne said...

It is on my wish list over at Paperback Swap