Saturday, July 12, 2008


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When you can figure out the end from the prologue you assume the book is not going to be good. But you (read I) stick with it because you hate giving up on a book. It’s the journey right? You know how it’s going to end but it the how you get from A to B that’s important.

I am so very happy that I stuck with this book. It starts out very cheesy, boy meets girl, boy wants to propose to girl, girl breaks up and marries someone completely wrong. Being an avid reader of “romance” novels you know boy and girl are going to get back together before the end of the book. The journey that Theresa Fowler takes you on in her first novel is one of Robert Frost proportion, the road less taken.

This is a fairly new book and as I mentioned it is her first novel. I will definitely put her in my authors to watch for category.

Side note to my sisters, this book hits a little close to home be prepared with a box of Kleenex. G-don’t read the end first, let her take you on the journey.

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