Sunday, September 19, 2004

Scott Turrow

I have reached page 144 in Stott Turrow's The Burden of Proof and have decided that page 143 will be my last. Maybe his stuff plays better in movies. The basic outline sounds like a good story. Lawyer comes home to his wife's suicide, how he and the family deal with it. Wife had lots of money, some of it missing. Brother-in-Law a stock broker being investigated by a grand jury. You really have to work hard to make all that seem dull. Scott Turrow has made it up there with Nathanial Hawthorne in my "run the other way" list of authors.


ez said...

Oh, the joys of stopping a book and saying "I don't have to waste anymore of my life on you!" I think the first book I did that to was a biography of John Lennon. I knew how it ended and I just didn't care anymore how he got there.

If you were 12 years old I would admonish you about jumping to conclusions about an author from one book. But your not, so I won't. But, if you ever see The Scarlet Letter, on a remainder shelf somewhere for free--go for it.

KathrynVH said...

I can't read Hawthorne either, now I can add Torrow to my list along with Fern Michaels. I was silly enough to take Fern Michaels off the list, but they are back on. Adrienne says it is a husband and wife team and they have so many romance novels out there, but I gave it till page 71 and I'm done.