Friday, September 17, 2004

A Word About Chicken Soup

I was at a convention for ABWA and the very inspirational speaker told a story that she said she got from a new book (this was many years ago) called Chicken Soup for the Soul. It was a good story and I bought the book. It was a blatant and merciless tear jerker, but I read the whole thing and bought the second one when it came out. The second one (thankfully) was a collection of poorly written stories that no longer moved me to tears and I was saved hundreds of dollars from buying any more of the Chicken Soup books. But I have no will power and I bought Chicken Soup for the Working Women a few years ago as a gift for someone that I ended up giving something else. I've had the thing on my nightstand now since Christmas and I read a few stories now and then. The good part is I'm almost done, the bad part is I can't remember any of the stories--they were mostly poorly written and yet, I am sad to be coming to the end. It's slightly nice to read a slightly inspirational story before going to sleep at night. I think the jokes are good.

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ez said...

I guess I never really looked at the original Chicken Soup book. I have only seen the eleventy million versions on the market and everytime I look at one (I think Mel had one for the teenage soul) it has been terrible. Like you said they are poorly written but meant to bring you to tears. It makes me very sad that someone out there is making a fortune on this.